Children's homes

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Way of Hope conducts regular visits to a number of Children's homes in Hungary. These children are either true orphans, or come from dysfunctional family backgrounds, and require an institutionalized environment for their safety and well-being. The orphanages vary in their emphasis and focus, both from an age standpoint, and the needs of the children. For example, one home in western Hungary ministers to mildly mentally handicapped children and youth, while another home accepts children that are much younger than the average age range of a children's home. This requires us to modify our program for those homes, but all of our programs include crafts, sports, games, learning Christian songs, and a Bible lesson. Recently, we have begun partnering with local churches near to some of these homes, and are able to train them to take over our programs, which allows us to start new programs in new homes. If you want to know more about these homes, contact Kornél Szilágy here.