Ukrainian Home

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Because of the Trianon treaty of 1921, Hungary forfeited a majority of its territory, stranding millions of Hungarians outside their current border, in neighboring Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and the Ukraine. We have been regularly visiting a children's home located 6 miles from the border, in the town of Beregszaz. About 50 percent of the 400 Children in the home are Hungarian; half of the children in the home are true orphans. Living conditions both from a comfort level, and sanitary level, are far below the conditions of homes in Hungary. Also, the children suffer from much more severe abuse and neglect. We have been bringing clothes, gifts, toys, and other basic necessities to these children on a regular basis.  One church in England was so touched by the poor toilet facilities, that they raised funds and constructed a new girl's bathroom - the girls needed instruction on how to use it! These children have been abandoned by family and relatives, but not by God! Please join with us, by contacting Kornél Szilágy here.