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Way of Hope conducts several types of camps, but regardless of the type of camp, our goal is the same: To give them a strong Biblically-based moral foundation, and to share the hope that is found in a saving knowlede of Jesus Christ.

We sponsor a yearly camp for children in the Ukraine, who live in a large orphanage. These children are spiritually and emotionally destitute, but through the donations of our supporters, we are able to offer this camp free of charge to the children. In addition,  we also endeavour to bring clothes and other necessities to them that the orphanage is unable to supply to them. For more information on this orphanage's needs, click on this link.

We also conduct a day camp in a village in Eastern Hungary, sponsored by a local church here. This camp is a day camp with an emphasis on learning English, and is free to the children who come. This has given us the opportunity to share the gospel, and to provide a bridge to the local church who sponsors the camp.

We also conduct camps in the U.K. for Hungarian children.Their families provide the necessary finances for their child's portion of camp expenses. In most cases, a local church in the U.K. has invited us, and provided a variety of resources to lower the overall cost. In many cases, the children spend time with a host family as well. 

In all our camps, we teach the children Christian songs, and play sports and games, and give a Bible lesson. We endeavour to have a native English speaker for both instruction in English, as well as teaching the Bible lesson. 

For more information on our camps, please contact Éva Szilágy by clicking this link.