kisOur relationship with the workers of the Way of Hope Foundation has been intimate and loving for many years. It can be said that they bring a smile to children’s faces. Whenever we announce their arrival the children are very happy. Their religious and moral stories are a good guide for children who have a hard time finding the way out from the labyrinths of life. The funny games are great tools of light-hearted entertainment. Kornél’s personality absolutely enchants the children and they eagerly pay attention to his words. Thank you for the puppet show, thank you for singing and for bringing gifts. We hope that you may grant more and more nice memories to the children of the orphanage. 

Mrs. Edit Réti Varga
Principal of the orphanage

The children said:

I like the workers of the Foundation because they tell stories, bring chocolate and candies. I like Kornél because he plays the guitar. – Barbi
The good thing is that they play exciting games with us. Kornél and the others are very nice. Kornél sings and plays the guitar well. I enjoy the Bible studies too. – Nati
It’s good when they come because I love the way they speak. I also take pleasure in Ruth’s stories. – Dzseni
I love them because it is good to play with them and they listen to everyone. Moreover, they bring sweets too. Kornél is nice and he plays the guitar well. – Kitti
I’m glad that they bring balloons to us. We play, sing and get tokens, which we can use to win toys. – Roxi 
I like them because they involve everyone in playing games. . – Józsi.  
I enjoy the games and the songs that we sing with the guitar. – Ricsi 
 I take pleasure in the discussions about God since I usually pray. Each time they perk up my day. – D. Szabina 
I am keen on the games, the competitions and I also like when we pray. – Laura